A Comprehensive Review of the Lincoln Cordless Grease Gun

If your facility makes immoderate use of best grease gun 2017 for re-lubrication of bearings, then a cordless gun will be greater desirable to the undertaking. Many rechargeable grease weapons are to be had on the market these days however here we will speak the expert 2-pace, 14.Four cordless gun from Lincoln which offers you the power to lubricate whatever, whenever and anywhere.


Here are the features the gun gives:

  1. Dual velocity switch which allows excessive stress or extreme extent output
  2. A Cycle indicator pin to screen grease output
  3. A wise charging machine for reliable power

Additionally, the gun also has a balanced layout and comfortable grip. There is a hook for a shoulder strap, an integrated hose, and coupler holder, and the tool additionally comes equipped with a slim and handy carrying case.

These salient capabilities of the Lincoln Powerline (as it’s far popularly acknowledged) have helped it find use in numerous preventive renovation obligations and lubrication activities within the automobile, trucking and fleet industries in addition to the ones in agriculture, creation and different related facilities.

How does the twin velocity design work?

The versatile 2-speed layout can deliver high volumes of grease of almost 10 ounces per minute at medium pressure. Conversely, for greater stress output of nearly 7500 psi, you could get a concentrated circulate of lubricant. A built-in stroke indicator assists you to get a particular concept regarding the total production. In truth, as according to the claims made by the manufacturer, you could get higher pressures of nearly 10,000 psi underneath managed conditions.


Despite generating any such excessive output the effective 14-volt battery lets technicians paintings for longer periods between re-expenses. There is a Smart Charger provided with the device that facilitates price the battery in less than one hour. The quick charger additionally identifies the battery circumstance with the intention to help hold it in top form.

The 14.4V excessive torque motor has made the tool able to robust operation. You can optionally choose to shop for an additional battery which you can maintain charging at the same time as operating with the opposite one. This way you may retain greasing and end jobs lots faster.


  • Multiple pace selector
  • Stroke cycle indicator
  • Motor overload safety
  • Easy loading and charging battery
  • Built-in hose holder continues hose comfortable when not in use

Smart charger acknowledges battery situation and keeps battery desirable to head

  • Convenient greasing without requiring careful maneuvering


  • The high price
  • The gun is once in a while hard for priming in cold seasons

The competitors of this grease gun encompass the 14.4V Alemite gun and the 12V gun by way of Milwaukee.

If you’re required to grease bearings notably at your facility, and looking for a gun to do the activity, the Lincoln Power line is a superb preference. It is robust and sturdy, and my paintings beneath high temperatures and harsh situations.

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